The weekend of May 29th, we switched to a new customer account and payment system. This conversion resulted in multiple changes and action is required on your part.

The most important change to note is that your account number and account PIN changed. You should have received a letter mid-May containing your new account number and PIN.

You will need this new information to:

  • Register on the new online billing portal to access your bill and make payments online (PIN required)
  • Include with mailed payments so that the payment is credited to the proper account (see note about June bill)
  • Provide to your bank if you have automatic bill payments setup through your bank (also be sure to have them change the mailing address to P.O. BOX 919251 Dallas, TX 75391-9251)


  • Smarthub and the app will no longer be accessible as of 5pm on 5/29/2020
  • The new payment portal will be available as of June 1 at 8am, and it will be accessible for registration here. There will be no replacement app as the new payment portal website is responsive and will be mobile friendly
  • The address to mail payments to will change to: P.O. BOX 919251 Dallas, TX 75391-9251
  • Once payments are made, the company name/description on your bank/credit card statement entry will show as RTC/EATEL/VENYU/VISION
  • Your bill will arrive a few days later than usual
  • The date for automatic drafts will change to the 21st of each month after conversion
  • Reconnect fees will change to $25 per service for Internet and TV, $10 per line for residential phone service, $17 per line for business phone service, and $29.50 for security service.
  • Beginning June 1, 2020 Thibodaux Television customers will be assessed a PEG Access Support Fee which will be included in the Franchise Fee.
  • Due to regulatory requirements beginning July 1, 2020, additional fees on Television and Telephone services will be assessed and/or broken out separately than in the past.
    • Television Customers
      • PEG Access Support Fee – Thibodaux customers will now see this fee broken out separately from other taxes and fees
    • Telephone Customers
      • Cost Recovery Surcharge - On average customer will pay $0.13 (rate is variable)
      • LA Interstate Telcom Tax – Will now be broken out separately from other taxes and fees


  • Conversion from the old system to the new system will happen at the very end of May, right after the June bills print, therefore the bill you receive will include your old account number and our previous mailing address
  • To make your June bill payment online you will need to use the new account number and PIN you received in mid-May via personalized letter
  • You will also need to note the new address to mail your June bill to if you send payment through the mail
  • Your July bill will come from the new billing system and will include the updated account and payment address information

We appreciate your patience as we upgrade our billing and payment system. For more information call (888) 611-6111