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Service Cost
Installation $39.95
Multi-line Roll Over $12.95

Optional Calling Features

Feature Cost/Month?
Call Waiting $5.00
Call Waiting Enhanced $4.50
Call Reminder $3.00
Call Forwarding $3.00
Call Forwarding Don’t Answer $3.50
Call Forwarding Busy-Line $3.50
Call Return $4.50
Call Block $4.50
Call Selector $4.50
Call Trace (per use) $5.00
Caller ID $8.50
Distinctive Ringing $6.95
Three-Way Calling $4.80
Preferred Call Forwarding $4.00
Remote Activation of Call Forwarding $4.50
Repeat Dialing $4.50
Speed Dialing (8 codes) $4.00
Speed Dialing (30 codes) $3.50
Voice Mail $6.00
Six-Way Calling $7.50

Pricing shown does not include applicable taxes, fees, charges and equipment rental

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