Cable Converter Boxes

All TVs in your home must have a cable box. RTC cable broadcasts all channels in HD.

HD Cable Box

$6.95 Monthly

An HD cable box is needed to get cable into your home and Video On Demand.

Digital Television Adapter (DTA)

$1.95 Monthly

Your DTA, or converter box, is required to convert a digital signal to be displayed on your television.


$12.95 Monthly

Includes 2 tuners and Video On Demand. You're able to record 2 shows and watch one that’s recorded.

EveTV, a Multi-room DVR

EVETV is a Whole Home DVR that lets you record up to five shows at once!

EVE (Enhanced Video Experience) provides cable, telephone and internet into your home on your television, computer, landline telephone, and handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets from one centralized device. EVE has the ability to connect all your telecommunication devices, hardwired or wirelessly, throughout your home with a built-in WiFi router. This means whole home wireless networking with no extra antennas or boxes.

EVE Gateway

$19.95 Monthly

The EVETV Gateway is the physical equipment needed to run the service.

EVE Player

$6.95 Monthly

The EVE Player transmits the signal from the Gateway to your TV and allows you to record up to 5 shows at once.

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