Essential Cable

Starting January 1st you can get 44 channels (including all local broadcast stations, plus popular cable channels such as the Weather Channel and Hallmark) plus 50 music channels for only $24.95. This is an “all in” price including the $14.41 retransmission consent fee and as with all of RTC video packages, this includes two free DTA boxes. You can still add the popular digital recording equipment or any other optional equipment or services.

Stay Connected and Save!

Get Essential Cable Tier for only $24.95* a month.

* Includes retransmission fee. Taxes Not Included.

Essential Channels

44 Cable Channels including all local broadcast stations, PLUS popular cable channels. View the channel lineup.

50 Music Channels

Great with Streaming

Pair with RTC Internet to stream your favorite shows

Access programming from many of our cable television networks with TV Everywhere

Available Equipment

2 Free Digital Television Adapter Boxes included

Available DVR Upgrade

Complete Your Connection

RTC Residential Services